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SHUTON’s R&D department works together with leading research centers.

  • Certification of Static rigidity
  • The ballscrew range with the highest quality grade
  • Highest quality level in Steels and Treatments.

SHUTON is a manufacturer of high precision ball screws for the machine tool industry.

We are located in the Basque Country, a thriving hub of leading-edge machine tool companies in Europe.

Our installations for development and production have been extended to a total of 6,000 square meters, which will increase our production output by some 50%.

SHUTON exports 85% of its products, and has established itself as a benchmark supplier for the most prestigious manufacturers in countries such as Italy, France, Germany and Spain. In the recent years, Shuton has accelerated its expansion in the USA and Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and India.

We have the recognition and endorsement of the ISO 9001 quality certificate and the environmental management system ISO 14001, which recognizes our manufacturing process for ball screws as one of the most advanced and ecological in Europe.

SHUTON makes Technical Studies to help customers choose the most suitable product for their particular needs and requirements drawing from the longstanding experience gained working closely with machine tool manufacturers from around the world.

SHUTON’s R&D department works together with leading research centers and has a complete team of engineers in its own technology center.

We have a product catalogue which covers the whole range of needs of the machine tool sector, in particular of the most demanding models in terms of accuracy.

Product Range

  • SHUTON manufactures against order
  • Our batch starts in 1 unit
  • Wide product range Diameter : 20 to 120mm Length : until 15.000mm in one piece Leads : 5 to 64mm


  • Engineer team in R&D, Innovation and manufacturing processes
  • Studies for customers
  • New designs of ballscrew systems
  • The designs of ballscrews and processes, are ours
  • Wide references in European patents


  • SHUTON has guided the innovation to SURE QUALITY
  • Ballscrew of high quality certified by DIN – ISO 3408 standard
  • Quality of lead precision verified with laser since the year 1982
  • Certification of Static rigidity
  • Certification of the friction torque
  • This is the ballscrew range with the highest quality grade.
  • The ballscrew SHUTON COMPLEX is homologated by the most important Italian and German Machine tool manufacturers.

COMPLEX Ballscrews’ features

  • Ballscrews for high dynamics
  • Ballscrews with high rigidity and low torque of friction
  • D x N verified for speeds of 60-90m/min
  • Speed with minimum temperature
  • Very smooth rotation

Manufacturing With Latest Technologies

Manufacturing with machines of the latest technologies

  • Highest quality level in Steels and Treatments.
  • Alloy steels studied with Thyssen.
  • Special heat treatment.
  • Grinding of spindles of 12.000 mm in 0,004 conicity limit.
  • Full shaping of the nut in one tying, with centres MAZAK INTEGREX 30 – 400 – 200, with two heads.
  • Machining of the ends of the ballscrew, turning in hard in 62HRC with MAZAK INTEGREX y SQT.
  • Precision grinding in one tying, with grinders with three grinding heads.

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 14001 certification

Precision Ballscrews

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