Improving The Accuracy

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Digital Readouts

The NEW standard in DRO systems. European design, low cost.

  • Advanced multi-functional readout suitable for milling, turning, grinding, boring and other precision measuring applications.
  • Status window providing operator assistance.
  • Strong industrial cast iron casing.
  • Auto compensating power supply 80v – 260v.
Digital Readouts

Designed with the machine operator’s needs in mind, Sterling readout models provide clear function access with a carefully designed icon menu keypad.

They represent exceptional value for money, providing the fastest possible return on investment. State-of-the-art surface mount chip technology is used in a single main PC board providing reliability and low manufacturing cost. Combined with linear glass scales, resolutions of 5μ or 1μ are available in lengths of 200 to 3,000mm. For long travel applications, Sterling offers a non contact magnetic system capable of reaching 100m measuring length.

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Basic Functions:

  • MM / Inch conversion
  • Absolute / Incremental
  • Auto position recall on power-on
  • Centering function (1/2)
  • One key axis zero
  • Axis preset
  • Built in calculator
  • Radius / Diameter mode (Lathe)

Basic Functions:

  • Radius / Arc milling in multiple planes
  • Bolt circle calc (PCD)
  • Oblique line drilling
  • 200 Datum position memory
  • Tool diameter compensation
  • Rectangular pocket milling
  • Taper measurement (Lathe)
  • Linear or segmented error compensations


Sealed linear glass encoders for optimal accuracy.

Hi precision aluminum body offering high rigidity, flatness, and ease of mounting.

  • Available in 5μ & 1μ resolutions.
  • Accuracy: +/-10μ, +/-5μ.
  • Range: 70 ~ 3,000mm in glass 3050mm ~ 100m magnetic tape.
  • Max Speed: 60 to 120m/min.
  • Cable Length: 3m.
  • Signal: 5v TTL Square wave.
  • Working temp: 0 ~ 45 °C.

The New Standard in DRO Systems

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